UPCYCLING ART SHOW, an itinerant art gallery, was born out of a passion for art combined with a desire to contribute to the environment and broaden the artistic dialogue through the art of Upcycling.

Upcycling takes discarded materials and transforms them into Art. By converting refuse into artwork, the discarded acquires new aesthetic, moral and conceptual dimensions. Upcycling Art Show supports the work of a number of artists - each using different techniques and materials - to further the conversation of transformation within the framework of contemporary art

Upcycling Art Show provides a collaborative platform for Upcycling and its commercialization. We do so by participating in fairs, collaborating with other alternative spaces and artistic projects, as well as promoting the genre in the different media. Our aim is to differentiate and promote Upcycling as an artistic trend characterized by the re-use of materials for their subsequent transformation into a work of art within the art market.

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